Keyboard Shortcuts

Libredirect offers the following Keyboard shortcuts for easier access

Using Preferred Instance

If you want to use your Preferred Instance instead of other instance. Just press "Watch On YouTube" or "Open in Twitter" etc... and it will redirect you to one of your preferred instances.

Understanding Exceptions

Exceptions as the name says for itself will exclude certain sites from being redirected. When you add a site to the exceptions list it will not redirect as it is excluded from redirection.

This exceptions list is an allowlist NOT a blocklist.

Defined Instances

You should be able to see instances such as Cloudflare

Cloudflare: indicates that the instances use Cloudflare as their CDN which isn't recommended. While using Cloudflare, they can decrypt data between you and server to compress it and send them faster, literally what a CDN does. This could also potentially means that Cloudflare can see data in Plain text even though the site uses HTTPS. So, choose instances carefully.

Setting LibRedirect as a Search Engine in Chromium

Type in your address bar: chrome://settings/searchEngines. Then on Site search click Add. Then type:
Search engine: LibRedirect
Shortcut: libredirect
URL with %s in place of query: http://search.libredirect.invalid/?q=%s