Keyboard Shortcuts

Libredirect offers the following Keyboard shortcuts for easier access

Using Preferred Instance

In Older version of LibRedirect, There was an option called "Always Use preferred instance" which helped users to redirect to the instance they particularly use instead of the other instances. But it was removed due to code complexity and breakage it caused in the extension.

If you want to use your Preferred Instance instead of other instance. Just use Switch Instance feature from the popup or use the Keyboard Shortcut to go to your preferred ones.

If you don't get it, Here is an example :

This applies for every frontend. You can use the shortcut for easier accessibility.

Note that this will work only for links not Embeds.

Working of Unify Settings

Usually they're stored using cookies. We just copy those cookies to the other instances. Btw we don't copy critical cookies that have tokens or credential data. We copy only the cookies for customization such as theme, language, preffered layout, etc...


Some frontends use localStorage instead of cookies such as Piped. We copy it too but with a different approach, though you the user will have the same result.


Settings LibRedirect as a Search Engine on Chromium

Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines. on Site search click Add. Then type:
Search engine: LibRedirect
Shortcut: libredirect
URL with %s in place of query: http://search.libredirect.invalid/?q=%s