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  1. Open Source
  2. Enhances Privacy over main site
  3. Can be self-hosted. So, It's Decentralized
  4. Using it is really hard without automated redirections

Good Examples

Bad Examples

Why forking Privacy Redirect?

Privacy Redirect hasn't been maintained since 6/12/2021. Many instances are hard coded. Some should be removed as they became offline and many others should be added. Many Pull Requests were left pending and waiting. So we stepped in. Later, we started improving it further by adding new features and frontends.

Disclaimer: Even though we forked from Privacy Redirect, Libredirect is ahead of the main project with several improvements and new features. The Project is independent now.

Why all those permissions?

Let's examine them one by one:

Where the hell are those instances coming from?

Almost every frontend project has a list of public instances. Examples: Invidious' official instances list, Nitter's official instances list. We fetch those lists using an automated python script. This script gets triggered every 3 days. We don't intercept nor modify the lists outside of removing urls that are not valid (the structure is not that of a url). They're not our responsibility, they're the projects maintainers'.

Chrome Web Store?

We can't publish it to the Chrome Web Store as it requires Manifest v3 and we use Manifest v2. You can still install it manually. We are planning to adopt Manifest v3 in Firefox as they will support the feature LibRedirect needs. If other browsers support Mozilla's policy, you might see LibRedirect in the Chrome Web Store.

Why not Manifest v3?

Read this: https://github.com/libredirect/libredirect/issues/45#issuecomment-1059010144